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State Industrial Commercials

As State Industrial's Media Content Specialist, I often storyboard and gather assets for our product commercials. This commercial highlights Soft Surface Defense Spray, a sanitizer effective on fabrics, upholstery, leather, and more. 

Award-Winning Webinars

At State, I managed our webinar initiative. These productions were published throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to deliver helpful disinfection information to our viewers. Our 3 Strategies for a Smooth Reopening webinar was recognized with the highest honors by the Hermes Creative Awards.

Matt and Erin's Wedding

In my free time, I do some wedding videography on the side. This video highlights the wedding of Matt and Erin who celebrated with friends and family on their special day.

Mattie and Dan's Wedding

In September 2016 I had the opportunity to be the videographer for my cousin's wedding. I am extremely proud of this video because I was able to pull off my bridesmaid responsibilities while shooting a video Mattie and Dan will treasure forever.

AUTV-20 News Break

AUTV-20 aired episodes of News Break, a brief one-day look at the news, five days a week. I was responsible for executive producing all of these shows and hosted once a week.

AUTV-20 News Update

As the AUTV-20 Executive News Producer, I was responsible for overseeing the production of our long-form News Update show. I assigned stories and drafted the script, rundown, and graphics sheet while directing the production.

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